Dr. Mulhair completed his PhD in 2020, which was primarily focused on analysing the role of gene fusion events in novel gene genesis across animal evolution. Peter is currently working at the University of Oxford as part of the Darwin Tree of Life project, annotating and analysing genes in arthropod genomes.

Dr. Peter Mulhairformer lab member

Dr. Ann McCartney graduated from the O’Connell lab in 2018 and is currently a visiting fellow in the Genome Informatics Section at NIH/NHGRI where she works on understanding the “dark matter” of the human genome and how genome structure has evolved.

Dr. Ann Mc Cartneyformer lab member

Ray finished his PhD in 2017 in the O’Connell lab when it was at Dublin City University. Ray is now a Senior Solutions Engineer at DNAnexus, a US-based company that combines expertise in cloud computing and bioinformatics to create the global network for genomic medicine.

Dr. Ray Moranformer lab member