Positions available

Postdoctoral Positions: I currently have 2 Postdoctoral positions available on comparative genomics of vertebrates in my research group.  The deadline for applications is November 14th. Applications can only be accepted through the online system and not via email. https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/jobs/currentvacancies/ref/MED204418X1

Please contact me directly if you have any specific questions about the posts: mary[dot]o’connell[at]nottingham.ac.uk

Postdoctoral Fellows: We are always looking for Postdoctoral Fellows – I am particularly interested in applying for Fellows to join our group, Marie Curie, Sir Henry Wellcome, EMBO etc … So let’s talk!;-)  mary[dot]o’connell[at]nottingham.ac.uk

We are always looking for collaborators and new people to come and work with us. Please get in contact if you are interested in what we do: m.oconnell@leeds.ac.uk