Genomics of the longest lived mammal

This week the genome and transcriptome of the Bowhead whale was published in the journal Cell reports. For more please see our publications page for the pdf or click here

This work was carried out by Dr Andrew Webb (first author) and Dr Mary O’Connell in collaboration with an international team of experts and was led by Dr João Pedro de Magalhães at the University of Liverpool. The Bowhead whale is the longest lived mammal with life span estimates in the region of 200 years. Yet Bowhead whales appear immune to ageing related disorders such as cancer, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease. Uncovering the molecular and genetic underpinnings of their extraordinary longevity and resistance to disease is important for the improvement of health in the ageing human population.

Photograph of Fluke of bowhead whale (Balaena mysticetus), Foxe Basin (Nunavut, Canada) by Ansgar Walk. 


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